Safety Guidelines Compliance

Trina Solar Reminder on Safety Guidelines Compliance


To whom it may concern:


At Trina Solar, safety in the installation and use of solar products is of utmost importance. We are writing today with a friendly reminder of the resources Trina Solar makes available to you, to facilitate your compliance with industry-leading safety practices.


Our products are designed to be safe to handle, but as electronic devices that operation at high voltage, they form part of a high voltage systems that must be appropriately installed and maintained to ensure ongoing safe operations. Deviation from local electric codes and standards and our safety guidelines may result in inappropriate handling and installation practices causing unnecessary risks.


It is therefore essential that our safety instructions, as described in our Installation Manual, are respected at all times. These safety recommendations are valid for any operation on the modules and should be respected at all times by site operators but also by third party vendors or visitors allowed on site, in addition to local health and safety rules and regulations that may be applicable on the sites. It is the responsibility of each site operator to ensure that the necessary safety measures and health and safety rules are respected at all times.


For your easy reference, we offer a variety of resources to assist you in ensuring the ongoing implementation of best practices.


Quick Access to Safety Best Practice information:

1.       Attached presentation Procedural Guide: Isolating Modules for Measurement Operations. This overview presentation includes safety recommendations, including protection equipment and best practices for handling.

2.       The Installation Manual Available at Installation Manual Available at



Your Customer Service


We hope this brief email update supports your team’s continuous implementation of best practices in safe handling, installation and maintenance of our solar modules. As always, we look forward to hearing from you with any comments or questions.




Global Customer Care

1. How to obtain warranty service for Trina Solar PV modules?

Please contact your source of purchase for warranty service. For modules which are purchased from Trina Solar directly, please go to to raise your warranty requests.

2. What kind of information is needed for warranty service?

a.Serial number of PV modules.
b.Proof of purchase.
c.Product model and power.
d.Contact details and full shipping address.

3. What do I need to do after I submit a warranty request?

After you submit a warranty request, our customer service representative will get your request and check all information; if there is more information needed from your side, our service representative will contact you, please keep in touch and provide him with relevant information if necessary.

4. What is the standard warranty of Trina Solar panels?

For modules sold since June 2011, our Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty for Trina Solar modules warrants material and workmanship for 10 years and power for 25 years on a linear degradation schedule. If you are unsure about the applicable warranty, please contact your customer service representative.

5. How do I check if my Trina Solar products are still under warranty?

Standard Trina PV products have a 10-year workmanship warranty and 25-year power linear warranty from the date of purchase. The date refers to the proof of purchase(sales contract, proforma invoice, etc.)

6. What is the estimated shipping time for replacing a module?

After the warranty claim has been approved, it will take approximately 2 weeks for the product to be shipped. Shipping times vary by region and are impacted by factors like custom clearance, local shipping conditions, and availability of replacement parts. Once the replacement is being shipped, we will provide you with a tracking number.

7. How do I pack/wrap the PV module for return?

You must wrap the product appropriately to prevent physical damage during transportation. Trina Solar is not responsible for product damage before transit or during transit.

8. Which PV module type will my module be replaced with?

We will perform a 1-to-1 direct replacement whenever possible. In cases where the identical module type is unavailable, we will replace it with an acceptable and most equivalent module. When all module options are exhausted, we will do a credit refund as described in the Trina limited warranty policy.

9. Do I need to clean the panels?

You should clean your solar panels on a regular basis for best performance as anything that may be blocking sunlight from the photovoltaic material will reduce the efficiency of the panel.

10. Does a PV system need a lot of maintenance?

PV panels need little to no maintenance. Like any external device, be sure to work out a maintenance schedule to do your due diligence (schedule it to do be done at the same time of the year you check your fire detector batteries, for example.). Meanwhile, the solar system is extremely easy to maintain.

11. Does the system still work when it is cloudy or when there is snowfall?

Sunlight is important for solar panels, but even cloudy days are great for solar energy. It doesn’t have to be completely sunny for your panels to produce electricity. On a day with bad weather conditions, for instance when it is cloudy, your panel will not be producing 100% of its capacity, but will still work at high performance. If it snows enough for your panel to accumulate significant amount of snow, , your panels will not produce electricity. However, snow slides easily off the panels and as your panels tend to be located where they can get the most sun, snow on your panels will melt quickly and your panels will resume producing electricity. Trina Solar’s panels have been tested for these situations and proven to work for 25 years power warranty.

12. Where can I find an installation manual for Trina Solar products?

You can download an installation manual from our website, find more information at

13. What are the environmental conditions for installations?

Trina Solar modules are designed and tested to withstand arduous environmental conditions for more than 25 years. More detailed information can be found in our installation manual . Below are environmental aspects:
a) Ambient temperature: -40℃ to +50℃
b) Operating temperature: -40℃ to +85℃
c) Storage temperature: -20℃ to +50℃
d) Humidity: <85RH%
e) Mechanical Load Pressure: 5400Pa (550Kg/m2) Max from the front side (snow) 2400Pa (wind) from the rear (when installed in accordance with the installation manual).